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All About Christ Network is a new platform or portal ( with vision and goal to share the gospel of Jesus, raise disciples, inspire believers through stories, devotionals and lessons, revive the weak in the faith and build a network of disciples for Christ Jesus worldwide by equally hosting webinars on personal development and other aspects to build our faith.


We also seek to bring together various Christian writers who are looking for a platform to see their writings, lessons or inspirational stories published on the World Wide Web/Internet.
We also offer our platform for churches that do not have a website or web portal to post or publish their content such as lessons, devotionals, announcements and more for easy communication to their congregation.

Join Us To Preach Christ

Are you equally passionate about helping and inspiring someone out there to know Jesus?
Are you convicted (through prayers) to give us a little portion of your time, spiritual gift, skill or your area of expertise Jesus has blessed you in for this very purpose?
Do you find satisfaction and fulfillment in our goal?

Drop a message for any further inquiries
We Need

Volunteers In

We are in need of volunteers for the following positions to work with us remotely (online), from any country.
If God laid this in your heart for any of the roles below, please do not hesitate to connect us and we will honor you. Shalom!

Content Writers

Are you willing to share your writings with the world?
Bless someone, inspires somone!

Web Development

For Christian Web Developers


You can equally tell us other domains you may want to volunteer for God’s Glory by contacting us.
  • Mentors
  • Coaches
  • Video Editors
  • Content Editors

Community Management

Help out in community management.

Graphics Design

Help out in designing graphics.
May the Joy of Jesus fill our hearts as we keep serving Him and spreading the Gospel.